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modern-marketing-guideThis guide will teach you several effective methods for marketing your practice, emphasizing resource efficiency with a key focus on the business factors that are unique to your specific practice. This guide also aims to help you, the private practice owner or manager, refresh the way you look at the business side of running a medical or dental practice.

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In this guide I outline several marketing methods that rely on new technologies like search engines, social networks, and digital video. But this is not the primary reason for calling it the “Modern Marketing” guide. What is modern is a method of operating your practice that is very new to most of the folks reading this, it’s a frame of mind more than the marketing tools themselves. This philosophy is one that I’ve only recently come to embrace, and its central theme is that you have to start living your life, the way you desire to live it, right now.

The fact that you’re running your own medical practice gets you halfway there, now let’s take steps to achieving your desired lifestyle, protecting your investment of time and money, and securing a strong financial future that relies on the success of your practice.

Whether you have owned your practice for several years or you just opened up your practice, there are a lot of challenges coming up. The way you deal with these challenges will determine the role that your practice plays in your life, in the short-term and in the long-term. The goal of this brief guide is to outline some of the major business factors that go into maintaining a financially rewarding practice through marketing techniques that work towards achieving your revenue goals. This is not a guide that tells you how much to spend on magazine advertising and direct mail; rather, this guide will explain the varied activities that are available to today’s doctors, allowing you to develop a customized marketing plan for the very specific and unique needs of your own practice.


The Modern Marketing Guide contains actionable information in the following categories

  1. Foreword
  2. Online marketing
    • Introduction to Web Strategy
    • Practice Website
    • Reputation Management
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Videos
    • Social Media
  3. Advertising
    • Search Engine Advertising
    • Directory Advertising
    • Local Publications
  4. Referral Success
    • Complementary Practices
    • Current Patients
  5. Patient satisfaction & retention
    • Patient Satisfaction
    • Patient Retention
  6. Planning for the future
    • Exit Strategy Principles
    • Sell or Partner-up