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Chiropractic Services and Personal Injury: An introduction to marketing techniques

The objective of this brief is to serve as a kick?off point for a fact?finding and issue identification conversation on the personal injury market as it relates to chiropractic services. In specific we?d like to learn how your practice is currently addressing this lucrative market, and figure out where we can direct future marketing efforts to achieve maximum effectiveness

What is personal injury?
Personal injury can be caused in many ways, and can be classified in many ways. There could be physical injury or mental trauma caused by an auto accident, slipping and falling on a wet floor, or a bar fight. The focus of a chiropractic practice involves those personal injury issues that can be remedied with their services.

The opportunity for chiropractors in the personal injury market is very large, simply because chiropractic services can be applied to just about any personal injury case ? even a headache resulting from injury can be addressed and fixed by an experienced chiropractor.

Vertical markets in personal injury.
Lawyers, doctors, and insurance companies are the first people to interact with personal injury victims. They can be a great partner in receiving new patient leads and referrals. Several programs can be put in place to incentivize a relationship with these partner businesses. Among the most popular incentive programs are In?Kind Referral Relationships and Referral/Lead Compensations.

How Nova MedMarket can help with marketing to Attorneys.
Let?s take the example of personal injury attorneys as a target vertical market. We can help your chiropractic practice develop long?lasting, ethical relationships by marketing to attorneys in a variety of ways, here are just a few:

  • Executing well?targeted and planned direct mail campaigns
  • Corporate Identity and Brand Development
  • Implementing web marketing campaigns (i.e. Online Advertising, SEO, E?Mail, Social Media)
  • Developing informative and concise attorney?targeted websites
  • Market Research of Personal Injury Trends (i.e. Top Injuries, Top Attorneys, Top Competitors)
  • Event Management (i.e. attending attorney events, planning internal events)

Additional markets we can help with.
We can also conduct in?depth and customized research on other niche markets that can be lucrative sources of patients for chiropractic practices; furthermore, the research we conduct will be a solid, educated basis for delivering well?targeted marketing services to those specific markets. In fact, it?s quite possible that there are some markets that are simply not effective for your practice to target ? this means re?directing marketing efforts (and funding) to markets that we can identify to have excellent Return?on?Investment (ROI) potential. That?s making the best use of your marketing money.

These are additional markets we can help with:

  • Senior Citizens: constantly plagued with bone pain and other ailments
  • Doctors: the potential to overload your office with patient referrals
  • Sport Associations: many members are afflicted with chronic pain, think ?team chiropractor?
  • Insurance Companies: offer directories to their members
  • Educational Institutions: they love discounted services for their students and faculty

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