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Why should I send you referrals? Must be presentable…


When I started my referral presentations for my clients, I tried showing them off and describe them nicely. But, here is only so much I could do. Just like ?I explained in my previous article, to build this relationship with your local doctors, just like any other relationship, first impression matters. wearing that favorite shirt, taking a longer shower, etc. are just some of the pre precautions you may take to impress your date. But, is that enough to impress your date and lay a strong foundation for a possible long-term unity?

Assuming that your first impression leaves a notable effect on your date, he/she will surely act on confirming your stories, looking you up on facebook, etc. if everything seems compatible with his/her standards, then optimistically you have a relationship.

I will get into the professional presentations at the office of the targeted doctor in my later articles. Here I like to talk about the foundation of your practice. You have to have something presentable based on a strong foundation. If you are presenting to another doctor in order to get referrals and are saying that ?our doctors have outstanding bedside manners,? can your online reviews confirm that statement? If you value your patient, is your website a user friendly, easy to eyes and modern website? or you are still insulting your patients? intelligence by remaining a cheap minded doctor and personally believe that your website is good enough and it serves the purpose…

If you even think that there is a slight chance that your website may fall into ?change it? category, then change it. That is your first impression to your patients. Doctors who may like to build a relationship with you to send referrals care about your online presentation. They care about your branding, they care about your physical location, and much more. Furthermore, this is common sense, get your foundation solidly placed and it will help you grow strong. If you purchase our Referral Generation Kit, we will send a customized evaluation of what must be done to your image prior to the presentations.?


About the Author:
Behzad Riazi is the founder of NOVA Advertising and NOVA MedMarket. He is a marketing graduate from the Washington, DC area. Behzad started the Referral Generation program for medical offices local to the Northern Virginia area, in Fairfax VA, which brought an unprecedented amount of success to the doctors who started this program with NOVA. In 2012, Behzad opened NOVA?s second office in Los Angeles and currently resides in there. NOVA MedMarket is a Medical Marketing firm with two offices.

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