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Benefits of Using a WordPress Website for Your Medical and Dental Practice

Do you want to be able to update simple texts or photos on your website without having to depend on a webmaster to do it for you? Well, we have a solution for you, WordPress! WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that we here at Nova Medical Market use to build unique and effective websites for our clients. We want to ensure our clients that their practice information is easily viewable for them and ?their patients. Listed below are 4 benefits of WordPress why we believe you should use it for your medical and dental practice.

Open Source

What does open source mean? Open source means that code is available for the public to use for FREE. WordPress is open source so it is free for anyone to use. There are no monthly, yearly, or recurring fees of any kind! What can be better than free!?

Ease of Use/ User Friendly

WordPress is easy to use no matter what skill level you are. You can even learn more and take your website customization further as you please. Because WordPress is so well known, you can get all the help you need through their support, where you can can get additional assistance through the WordPress community! Because WordPress is so well known, it is easier to find someone who knows how to use it.

Search Engine Friendly

Want your website to show up through Google search engines? What better place than WordPress! You can use multiple WordPress tools and plugins that will make your medical and dental practice appear in Google searches! Not to mention, WordPress makes it easier to manage SEO information.

You are in FULL control

There are themes and plugins available so that you can take control of your medical and dental website. Install beautiful themes and efficient plugins to make your website stand out! These are highly customizable when it comes what you want to display and what you do not want to display. We can add designs and build your website to your liking without using third party programs.

What do you use?

Although there are many other CMS selections out there, WordPress is used the most around the world, and we believe our clients should be comfortable with a system that they can easily get used to or have already gotten used to. Why pay for a CMS when you can easily switch to WordPress for free? Your website will easily be benefited through open source capability, informative and efficient support, ease of use, and SEO management. If you would like more information on WordPress or if you have any questions, contact us and we would be more than happy to talk to you!

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