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Avoid These 5 Dental Marketing Pitfalls!

Is your dental practice making any of these costly dental marketing mistakes? If so, you could be losing out on patients and wasting money. Start getting more from online marketing and avoid these pitfalls.

– Trying to be everywhere
Contrary to popular belief, you don?t have to have a profile on every social media site available. In fact, having too many social media accounts can be inefficient and counterproductive, particularly for dentists. The key to choosing the best social media sites for your practice is to be where your patients are. Facebook and Twitter have become standards for pretty much every business because of their number of active users. Beyond that, you should be more selective about what accounts you create and spend your time and resources on.

For the full list, check out the article we wrote for DentistryIQ here.

And here’s a helpful infographic to go along with it.

dental marketing pitfalls infographic

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