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FB Marketing Tip #4: Enhanced Facebook Comments

One of the most common Facebook marketing tips you will hear is to find other pages within your industry, and reply to their posts and make comments. Now that virtually every company is aware of this, it?s becoming less effective. When something starts getting saturated, you can either give it up or get creative. At NOVA MedMarket, we say get creative!

The whole point of commenting on pages where your target audience hangs out is to get them to visit your page. If you?re just posting comments like ?cool? or ?wow that?s awesome?, nobody is going to care about your comment. You know what comment they DO care about? The one that has hundreds of replies and likes.

Facebook places the comments with the highest amount of replies and likes at the top. This is where you want your comments to be. Even if newer comments get added, the comments that are performing the best will remain at the top. The brief, generic comments won?t get you to the top.

How do you make your comments stand out and get noticed?

There are plenty of ways. First and foremost, your comments should be thoughtful and interesting. One way to get people to reply to your comments is to post something highly informative, directly in response to the original post. Your comment will entice more people to want to click through to your page and find out more about your practice.

Secondly, did you know that you can actually add images in your comments? If there are 50 comments on a post, and one of them has an image, which one are you going to look at? Include an eye catching image in your comments every now and then to help you stand out in the crowd.

Lastly, you can post comments that have a question in them. Questions urge people to answer, so by including a question in your comment, you?re soliciting a response from other users. The question you ask should be open ended. For example, ?what do you do to prepare for a visit to the dentist?? instead of ?are you afraid of the dentist?? Open ended questions allow people to go into more detail and start a real conversation instead of just leaving a one word answer.

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