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Google+ Marketing Tip #2: Start a campfire!

A campfire is where everyone gathers up together and congregates. In our Google+ terms, a campfire is a goal or interest that people share. It gives them a reason to huddle up and gather.

We?ve already established that Google+ is all about groups and communities, so your goal as a marketer is to create these groups centered around your industry. Of course, you?ll also want to join in with already existing communities, but when you?re able to create your own, then you become the authority and leader in your niche/industry.

So how do you start a campfire on Google+?

Google Plus CampfireIt?s actually not as difficult as it seems. With social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook where information moves extremely fast (especially on Twitter), it can be difficult to get a nice sized group of people to band together on one particular post or topic. Luckily, Google+ doesn?t have that same issue.

First, you?ll want to find your ideal audience members. These could be people who are already in communities in your niche, people in your Circles, or even email subscribers. Then, you?ll have to think of a niche specific topic that will garner a lot of interest. For example, dentists could build a campfire around the topic of keeping your gums healthy.

Or perhaps natural remedies vs. medicine. This is a controversial topic that would likely garner a lot of interest as people debate opposing viewpoints. Just try to make sure the debates don?t get out of control.

It?s important to carefully monitor your campfires and to keep information flowing through them. This means curating relevant blog posts, infographics, videos, and podcasts for the members of your campfire.

Every now and then, make a somewhat controversial post to spark things up a bit. This will keep everyone engaged and on their toes so that the fire doesn?t die out.


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