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How to Redesign Your Practice Website Without Losing Rankings & Traffic

So your practice website is not up to par with the competition and it could use a facelift, however your seo is running strong and you’ve been told that if you redesign your website it?will destroy your current rankings and you will lose traffic! Even though that statement could be true, if the website is redesigned by ?professionals who is really good at what they do and understand the do’s and don’ts of this critical task; the website can be redesigned completely and bring it up to date without losing rankings and seo value. Take a look at the below infographic to learn how to redesign your ?practice website without losing traffic and sales. Also don’t be afraid to make dramatic changes with your site design. Just as it is critical?for you to continue to improve your website traffic, it?s important to continue to adjust and update your website design so you can maximize your conversion rate.

How to Redesign Your Website Without Losing Traffic or Sales

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