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10 Ways to Make Your Website More Eyecatching

Several websites can be considered good, but only a few are truly considered great. A great website consists of resourceful information, alluring content, and original data. Visuals are usually the highlight of what a viewer remembers in their mind and what keeps them coming back for more.

Keep your Design and Verbiage Simple

Language written on your site is essential as this is what tells your message verbatim to the audience. Don?t think that just because you understand what your product delivers, everyone else will. Keep your message in layman’s terms so viewers can learn quickly.

Be Visual

Over half the population is considered to be visual learners, 65 percent to be exact. So in this case, the more illustrations, graphics, and pictures you can provide on your site, the better. These visualizations can trigger an instantaneous learning capability without the need for words because after all, a picture is worth a thousand of them!


Along with keeping some of the content on your site visual, be sure that you resize each picture that you post to be the same. There are a host of sites that offer picture resizing which can help maintain the continuity of your web page. The ideal size that websites recommend in order to not risk the site from becoming too slow is 650 pixels. Also, make sure that all your pictures are in the same format such as jpg as well as renamed with a simple title of what the content is about.

Create an Awesome Headline

This is usually what causes the main attraction to your page. Be creative and use it to your advantage when you picture someone visiting your site. Ask yourself, if you were to come across your website and see the header, would it make you want to stick around? Don?t be afraid to get a little unconventional!

Mention Connections

Showcase, showcase, showcase! There is nothing better than selling the accomplishments you have made as a company. Not only do you pretty much have bragging rights to mention any awards or recognitions you?ve received as a business, but you can use it as an advantage to market yourself!

Social Media

Whether we like it or not, social media is a huge part of a business? online marketing, networking, and promotional strategy. It?s the latest innovation and not to mention, craze that?s sweeping the globe. Social media is a convenient tie of both business marketing and social networking. Be sure to keep these social media platform icons visible on your website?s header so those who want to connect with you, can with ease.


Adding different types of multimedia to your page can be the perfect way to engage your audience as many of them will be receptive to presentations, videos, or other portfolio items.

Relevant Keywords

A large part of the SEO battle is inputting the most relevant keywords into the database. Google Analytics can be a great place to start as far as generating the appropriate keywords to use and implement in your campaign.

Customer Reviews

Displaying glowing customer reviews and their wonderful experiences with your company is the icing on top of the cake when you sell yourself online. These reviews are basically proof in the pudding when you want to stand out from the competition. Others who are choosing whether or not to invest their time and money in your service or product will have more faith in choosing your business over others when they read customer testimonials.

Third Party Rankings

If you have been ranked by a reputable third party site, that?s all the more reason to show it on your website! By providing an image that can demonstrate this mention as well as a link, it can be the gateway towards cultivating more customers.

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