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5 Ways to Make Your SEO Efforts More Effective

Anyone who is familiar with the online marketing world is well aware of the bases that need SEO coverage. There are several things that already require quite a bit of attention when you’re managing online reputations such as: keeping up with rankings, tracking traffic, and breaking down Google Analytics. However, in order to make your SEO efforts that much less of a whirlwind and more rewarding, try implementing these tricks to the digital trade.

  1. Social Media Presence

Chances are you’ve already created a Facebook and/or Twitter page, but this is just the tip of the iceberg! In order to establish a genuine social media presence, you must make yourself known to your audience. seo effortsIf you want to cultivate followers, be sure to engage and make efforts to interact with them.  

People tend to be receptive to those who take initiative to start a conversation or who ask others to join in and share their opinions. Consistency is also key in order to maintain your audience’s attention such as posting content weekly or daily. There are even sites out there that will manage your social media posting for you! Social media integrations such as WordPress’ Jetpack and Hootsuite are great tools to use when it comes to managing social media accounts.

  1. Original Content

When it comes to cost efficiency, organic content is where it’s at! It helps boost traffic and gives Google a merit to reward your site. By also writing engaging content, particularly with blogs, people will share it and spread the word!

People are typically visual learners so when they see things like infographics or videos, their attention is usually captivated. By implementing these visualizations and illustrations across your site, you can also include them on your social media pages.

  1. Ratings and Word of Mouth

People will most often rely on friend and family opinions when it comes to choosing services they want to invest money in. Once you’ve cultivated some close clientele, ask if they would be willing to recommend your services on either their own personal social networks or if they would leave you a review/rating on your site.

Another way to escalate this process is if you give some sort of reward or incentive to those who refer your services. Such incentives can include a 10% off the client’s next visit or a complimentary service to a certain amount of money spent.

  1. Blog Outreach

Another creative way to help spread the word of your services is to blog outreach. This entails sending any writing samples to prospective guest blogging sites so they may post your articles. Usually bloggers welcome new content and information to be published onto their site. Typically, bloggers will also negotiate on giving backlinks which will generate and drive traffic to your site.

Other ways you can attempt to have bloggers help you generate traffic is if you send them product samples. Anyone can appreciate receiving free product samples and reviewing it on their blog. With this, it can perpetuate word of mouth and sales. Moreover with a product sampling campaign, it can influence tens, hundreds, even thousands of prospective customers to purchase your services!

  1. Create a Facebook Ad

Facebook has become more business influential and savvy over the years. It has gotten to become another vessel to generate business and sales. Facebook advertisements also allow you to filter the audience demographic you want to reach out to. With Facebook’s advertising platform, it allows you to get audience specific for its target outreach.

Other strategies Facebook implements is running ads on your competitor’s Facebook page and targeting pages your customers read, celebrities they like, and so on.

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