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How Artificial Intelligence Will Assist In Content Marketing

Even Socrates worried about changes in communication, arguing that writing had the power to make people stop using their memory. The pattern of resisting anything new has a long history. In 21st-century America, a similar challenge forces writers to consider how AI may affect content marketing. Many regard machine learning as a threat to the livelihood of imaginative people.

Leveraging Innovation to Enhance Creativity

At NOVA Advertising, we rely on the inventive ideas of our content marketing team. We help businesses generate new clients with impactful web strategies. Our comprehensive approach to online marketing solutions dramatically increases conversions, and we can enhance a business’s bad online reputation into great ones.

Maybe no one can expect a machine to produce quality content. However, it becomes possible to envision a combined effort by Artificial Intelligence (AI), writers, and marketers. The power of working together can produce more compelling content and enhance marketable products. For example, AI can streamline workflows, eliminate tedious tasks and help deliver better campaigns. A creative revolution seems on its way, but HuffPost thinks it may take a while to get here.

Seeing Change in Motion

Every writing professional knows the challenges of developing unique content and devoting significant amounts of time to research. Not surprisingly, publishers who meet demands to produce have already accepted AI as a dependable partner. The adoption of AI by big publishers may mean that everyone else can too. As every writer knows, the creative writing process involves time-consuming and boring aspects that sometimes make the task trying. AI has no problem tolerating both.

Alliance with AI opens avenues to new opportunities for content creators. With it, the writing process becomes easier as familiarity with harnessing its power increases. Instead of dreading AI, markets can welcome a powerhouse into the content creation community. Fear and skepticism may lessen as writers think of content as simply another form of communication between people. AI can support functions in the development and delivery of quality content, but it has no creative skill. Thus, its usefulness, while considerable, has distinct limits. AI seems unlikely ever to replace writers completely.

Welcoming a Newcomer

Hardly a writer exists who has not shied away from producing a piece of copy when it does not come easily. However, the demand for energy, in-depth research, and imagination may sometimes put an assignment in the too-hard box. As a driving force for content creators, self-motivation cannot always ensure that every project receives the quality level it deserves.

In instances, where inspiration sinks to a low ebb, allowing AI to contribute will help restore it. Even when a client receives an excellent piece, it may not be satisfactory. Anyone who hoped for more may resort to a practice that almost everyone knows all too well. An attempt to rewrite it to improve the content puts a client in the same situation as the writer. Trying to find the right words and phrases often sends writers on an elusive errand.

Encountering obstacles leads to frustration over a lack of progress. AI can help writers find a workaround when articles seem dull, simple, or repetitive. Its assistance in managing the frustrating parts of the creative process produces considerable benefits. Content creators can focus on putting their unique touch on style and substance. AI has a vast potential to make a positive difference. It can affect how we handle the sometimes tedious, often costly, and usually frustrating tasks in creative writing.

Ignoring AI as a Threat to Content Marketers

At Nova Advertising, we help small and medium-size businesses outpace the competition through the work of our developers, designers, and strategists. In addition, AI can support our SEO, online advertising, graphic design, and online reputation management experts by providing data for accountability to brands.

Magazine articles and news reports predict the likelihood of AI and machine learning replacing people in various industries. For example, Forbes regards AI as a force more transformative than any other in technology. Health care, insurance, automotive and financial services use it to great advantage. However, creative marketers need to have no concern about machines replacing the dynamism and vigor they demonstrate. Instead, AI technology puts content marketing jobs more in demand for several reasons.

  • AI can move things along

The efficiency of AI in reviewing a document for sentence structure problems or grammatical errors allows writers to work faster. Many writers employ different techniques to ensure error-free writing. For example, some use a read-aloud function or a printed copy to reveal oversights or typos. With the removal of the need to edit their own copy, writers can do the tasks they enjoy. Writing a headline or doing a deep dive into research allows them to use creative abilities that AI cannot match.

  • Writer’s block becomes a distant memory

Starting a draft can create frustration when no paragraph seems worth keeping, and a white page can intimidate. While AI cannot produce a finished piece, it can write a copy on a repetitious topic. For example, content marketing assignments to write a blog post or an update to social media allow AI to create a starting point within a few minutes. From that point, revisions and refinements allow writers to use their unique abilities without the tedium of repetition.

  • AI provides massive amounts of data

Far more capable of amassing vast amounts of facts than any human, AI generates an enormous quantity of data from the internet. Access to a nearly unending supply of material gives writers chances to discover new ideas with more insights and viewpoints.

Eventually, AI can make us more creative, remove obstacles to productivity and enhance our content marketing efforts. As technology merges with marketing, machine learning can help us create efficient workflows and more robust marketing campaigns. As a communication tool, AI can enhance some aspects of the creative process. It may complement a writer’s marketing goals by providing more creativity, efficiency, and success.

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