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Combating patient prescription non-adherence, Merck’s Adherence Widget

This concept, reviewed in MM&M, is a great leap in establishing goodwill with consumers – the consumer education and awareness information that was already previously offered is a standard method for generating a positive brand perception…on the other hand, this interactive widget is just that, “interactive,” which requires consumers to act rather than sit back and absorb information without providing feedback.

The catch is…implementation. The idea sounds great – but I doubt that Merck’s new widget, which is nothing more than a web form with three drop down selectors, will be engaging enough. Patients that use the Adherence Estimator get back results that essentially advise them to consult with their health care professional (HCP) and to continue taking prescribed medication as a means to maintaining good health. Pretty generic stuff.

In Summary, an interactive approach to consumer outreach is critically important to stand out from the competition. This is why we emphasize the return-on-investment (ROI) of social media and general online communications that “join the conversation,” that is, interact with the community of consumers. However, there is a terrible downside to excessive information. This infoglut that we’re all subject to nowadays with the world wide web at our fingertips is increasingly causing consumers to become complacent with corporate-generated information. A sense of distrust continues to foment in consumer’s minds when they repeatedly read or see generic, non-tailored information dished out to them from corporate sources.

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