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FB Marketing Tip #6: Create Facebook Exclusivity

Are you giving people a reason to be a fan of your page? What do they earn from being a fan? You may have seen a pattern developing in the tips given so far. You have to use Facebook as its own platform, and not just as something to have because it?s popular. Offering your Facebook fans something that only THEY can have makes your fans feel special and gives them an incentive to like your page.

Offering something in return for liking your page will help get loyal fans and more leads through Facebook. You can offer some sort of exclusive content, discounts, or other things that only Facebook fans can access.

While giving this content away, you should also be collecting emails. For instance, have fans have to enter their email to receive a free eBook or coupon. This will allow you to give your fans/customers something special and gain new email leads at the same time.

One mistake that doctors and dentists just starting out on Facebook make when doing this is strictly using exclusive content as a way to get new Likes. After the initial offering, they never provide anything special for their fans again. In order to be a Facebook PRO, you have to continuously provide your fans with exclusive content.

This means holding multiple Facebook giveaways, consistently offering exclusive content, and rotating specials. When you only offer Facebook exclusive once, the chances of people coming back to your page are slim to none. But if you?re doing it on a consistent basis, you?re giving fans a reason to keep coming back and gaining their trust.

There are plenty of Facebook apps that will make this process easier. The easiest way is probably through using the North Social suite of apps. They allow you to easily fan gate tabs so that users have to like your page to see what?s on the tab, and you can also collect their emails as well. Just be aware that you have to include an email opt-in checkbox if you plan on collecting emails through North Social.

Exclusivity is a powerful tool for building a Facebook page and expanding your practice?s reach. Give it a try, or contact us today to learn how to better utilize Facebook as a part of your office?s marketing strategy.

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