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FB Marketing Tip #7: Run Facebook Ads CORRECTLY

Facebook?s advertising platform is among the top of the industry. It?s affordable, easy to use, and allows for the most advanced segmentation of any platform, primarily due to all of the information Facebook gathers from their users. But if you?re not careful, you could end up wasting a lot of money unnecessarily by not knowing how to use Facebook ads correctly.

The basic rules for running effective Facebook ads are:

  • Choose an eye capturing picture (preferably with people in it)

  • Write an attention grabbing headline and compelling copy

  • Direct your ad to a landing tab on your Facebook page

These are the 3 most important factors of your ad on Facebook. You need to draw the user?s eyes in with the image, get them interested with your headline, and have a landing page that compels users to like your page, enter their email, and become patients.

A big mistake that some Facebook marketers make is linking their ads to external pages. Facebook wants users to stay on their site. You?ll notice that ads with a destination URL of a tab on your page will generally have a lower Cost Per Click (CPC) so they cost less to run. Also, with HTML tabs, there?s no reason to link to external landing pages.

You should never direct ads to your Timeline. Create a landing page specifically for your ad. For instance, if you?re running ads to promote your practice?s teeth cleaning service, you could create an ad offering a discounted price exclusively for fans. The destination URL would be a landing tab on your Facebook Page where users have to enter their email address to get their printable coupon.

When you?re setting up your ads, one of the most important steps is choosing your audience. This will determine how much you pay per click and how effective your campaign is. There are two basic routes for choosing your audience.

  1. Broad audience: This will give you a lower CPC because your Click Thru Rate (CTR) will be higher. However, it probably won?t be as targeted, therefore you will get fewer conversions.

  2. Narrow/Precise audience: Choosing a narrow audience means your ads will be more targeted towards a specific demographic. Your initial CPC might be a little higher because you?ll have a much smaller audience, but the traffic will likely convert much better.

You could also use our Facebook Marketing Tip #2 when running your ads, for an extremely targeted audience.

If you are new to running online ads, it could be a good decision to hire a professional. At NOVA MedMarket, we can completely manage your Facebook ad campaigns for you, so you can focus on your patients.

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